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Luxembourg is small, but rich in monuments and natural attractions. The area where the campsite is located, M├╝llerthal, is also called "Little Switzerland" and is a very interesting place to visit. It is a fairytale landscape with impressive rock formations and caves, perfect for discovering on foot or by bike. Luxembourg's most famous waterfall is something not to be missed. The magnificent "Schie├čent├╝mpel" can be reached via a path.


Larochette is only 2 km from Birkelt Village. It is an ancient village with an impressive ruin above it. The market square, "Place Bleech", is the beating heart of the village. Don't forget to enjoy an excellent Diekirch beer from one of the many terraces that you will come across here and there.


The capital of the M├╝llerthal region is Echternach, the oldest town in Luxembourg. Here you can visit the Roman villa, the abbey and the cultural centre of Trifolion.

Mersch is a very popular place among hikers, thanks to its splendid landscape, with natural springs and prehistoric caves.

Luxembourg City

The green capital of the Grand Duchy is located about 27 km from Birkelt Village and is known for its casemates, ancient underground defences. Shopping here is simply fantastic and it is difficult to choose between the many museums. If you choose our village as your base, you really can visit all that the country has to offer, as the main attractions are all nearby.

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